Why We Celebrate Pride

It lets people know that Gays & lesbians do exist and they are not going away.

Everyone wants to feel accepted and that rarely happens.

Its good to be seen by others.

Prejudice and unfair laws still necessitate civil action/demonstration.

I feel like it helps bring our community together, and it helps get the word out.

Because, not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also a good way to get the word out that you should be yourself no mater what.

“let the bullet that enters my brain be the bullet that breaks down every closet door… cause we gotta give em hope!” Harvey Milk

One day of the year were we can celebrate our community.

To be a more visible presence in the Spokane community.

It’s good to celebrate love, even if it’s two men, two women, or people like me who are Bi-Sexual.

We have not come as far as we could… if we don’t continue it will die.

The more everyone comes out the more easier it will be for others and youth.

It’s like a huge family reunion every year.

We grow each and every year and that is cause to celebrate!

Show who we are!

Because people want to feel a part of something.

To show all those bigoted people out there that we exist and that we aren’t going away. And also just to go downtown and celebrate with friends.

In a community like Spokane people need to be reminded that diversity exists and the LGBT community deserves at the very least, one day a year.

It’s our right, since we don’t have many to begin with.

I think gay pride is something to be celebrated in a society that isn’t entirely accepting of homosexuality.

Its the only Pride celebration we have.

Its a way for all of us to come together.

Because Spokane needs a constant education in issues of social justice and equality.

Because Spokane is very fragmented, and feeling part of a gay community is vital to my success here.

Shows the community we are not “just a few people”.

To see the #s in our community, really nice people.

Catch up with old friends.

It is good to be around people who are supportive of us. Also having the celebration downtown at Riverfront Park it is a great area to have this held because you get people exposed to the celebration who might have been curious about the GLBT community and having booths present is a safe way to do so.

To show unity and protect our civil rights.

We live in a remote area and it is great to be able to get together with other people like us.

Great way for the community to come alive! Especially for high schoolers and the younger generation.

It is the only time you feel accepted in Spokane.

The LGBTQA community does not enjoy equal status.

What will those poor protestors do in their free time without us?

To celebrate equality!

Sense of community.


Whether there’s a celebration or not I’ll still be proud to be who I am. The festivities are great though.

It’s important to me because it’s very important to my Gay friends.

Being in Spokane with such a small active gay community, it is very enjoyable to be able to meet up with people you have not seen for several months.

It gives my friends and I a chance to celebrate who we are.

Good for the community.

Pride means to me putting everything you believe in out where others can see it and chose whether they want to support your choice or not.

“The love of one’s own excellence”

A community standing together in celebration, seeking equality within the greater whole of humanity.

Pride means everything to me, I’m bisexual and it really means a lot to be able to go somewhere where I’m supported and not criticized. I can openly show my pride.

I feel that it means I am proud of myself and all my friends who are not afraid to be who they are be that gay, straight, bi, or lesbian.

Being out and standing up for who I am and what I believe in all times, in all things and in all places.

Bring together everyone of the LGBTQA community and making our community more visible.

A chance to be myself and not have to worry about being judged, to connect with others, to find out more information services and business that support me, and show the Spokane community we are here.

Pride is celebrating me! I am who I am and I have a right to love who I want to love!

I’ve been “out” for 40+ yrs and during that time I’ve seen a lot. Many of the changes are wonderful, many changes I expected to have happened have not. If “we” don’t stand for ourselves, who will? If we represent ourselves with pride, then how can we be viewed as less than upright valued people?

A chance for fellowship with other like-minded people who do not go out much.

Being able to publicly be who I am and express my love openly for my partner, show Spokane and Eastern WA that we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going to hide any more!

A way to unify for awareness, justice, understanding, acceptance and equality. It means that one day my gay son will have the same rights as my straight sons.

It means that love is love no matter what form it takes.

A month of unity.. and celebration.

That I can be who I am and not worry about being discriminated for it.

To celebrate the freedoms as humans we have, to fight for what rights we lack, and to just be happy and ourselves.

Being proud of who you are and not being ashamed.

It is a chance to get together and have fun and reconnect with friends.

Being able to be forthcoming amongst liked minded people. I love to sit back and observe everyone being able to be themselves.

Being proud of myself for who I am!

Showing the World that its okay to be gay!!

Being able to be yourself confidently.

An opportunity to reflect and engage new opportunity to serve.

It means pride in being able to be myself and have support from my peers and the community.

Not only accepting who you are, but embracing it and loving it. As a married heterosexual man with a gay brother in law and a gay sister I see a lot of the struggle that gay men and women go through. Gays are often “marked” for a sort of persecution because it is not considered “normal” (there is no such thing as normal by the way) to be a homosexual. Pride is about showing society that gay men and women come from all walks of life and you don’t “have a problem” if you’re gay.

Seeing others like me in our community.

Its the only Pride celebration we have.

Be proud of who you are… we are all different and special in our own ways.

Pride means celebration and education of important issues related to social justice and equality for GLBTQ persons and allies.

Its a chance for me to help my friends celebrate what they have fought so hard for.

Living life without shame.

Pride is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments we have made. It is a time to see, and meet people with similar and diverse values. To be able to have safe fun.

Speaking out.

To me, pride means being proud of who I am, no matter what others think. I try not to “rub it in others faces” but the Pride Celebration is a great place to just be free!

An opportunity to be out without fear, and to celebrate diversity of the LGBTQ kind.

It means that there are large groups of people who ARE supportive.

Acknowledgment of who I am and embracing it.

Time to be free.

Feeling good about yourself and who you are as a person. Once people can get past their inhibitions about meeting someone GLBT, I think more people can feel better about themselves as individuals and as a community. The more accepting you are as a society the more you will attract people of more colors and walks of life and a city who supports people like this is a city to be proud to live in.

Not being ashamed of my sexual orientation.

Celebrating diversity.

Courage to come out and play without fear anymore. And I do remember the first time, in Seattle, over 20 years ago! Now it is just fun. I like the way Spokane’s pride continues to grow, thanks.

The ability to be open and honest about who you are without worrying about the repercussions.

It’s the opposite of shame, of which I have none.

It’s a chance to show folks that the gay community is proud and unashamed. It’s all about love, peace and family.

Not only being proud but showing straight folks we are not ashamed to be who we are.

Pride is an acknowledged celebration of how important it is for everyone to be ‘in truth’ and proud of who they are!

To me it means being, feeling, and seeming normal despite the hate which surrounds us.

Pride means to me that my Gay friends can celebrate who they are and to make the community in which they live, more enlightened. Everyone is entitled to equality no matter their race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual preferences…everyone is Human, and should have the same rights (and respect if earned) as the next person. Pride helps highlight this and show the hetero community that Gay people are Human and will celebrate their lifestyle because there is no reason to hide it.

It is a time to speak out to change narrow hearts and a time to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones… to experience that sense of community.

Pride means that I am OK with being whom I am. It is a fun time.

Coming together as a community to celebrate our “differences”.

Show the rest of the people in the state we are here.

I think it helps show that these folks are part of our society and not an isolated few. Just as we all are.

The community need GLBT people and their allies to be visible.

Keeps the memories of yesteryear alive!

To show how strong as a community we are getting.

Celebrate who I am with others.

To get the community involved and keeping a public presence in the city.

Good recognition of community.

To let the public know we are everyday people and not freaks.

we need to have an avenue for people no matter who or what you are to feel like you are accepted. There are so many people of different skin colors and colors of personalities and Pride Celebration is such a great way to showcase the colors of our community members.

Because there needs to be equality among all, and if we don’t have our own rights like all others.

To show the large presence of people who support the cause, to spread the word that equality is something we still strive for but have not yet received.

To keep the issue in front of the people!

show me that I have support in the community.

Until LGBTQ folks are entirely accepted and all discrimination ends, we must continue to fight for full expression, dignity and participation.

Bringing the community together!

We need this event once per year to give ourselves as a community a boost in strength and pride, and to remind others that we’re still here and that we’re not going to disappear.

Gives all of us queers a legit reason to get together.

To show everyone our vibrant community.

Wonderful opportunity to bond and to share the beauty of our community!


Visibility and fellowship around sexual identity.


Love is Love & Everyone Should Celebrate It!!!

It is nice to get the community out and in the open and have a chance to celebrate.

Spokane needs to be a welcoming and safe community for everyone.

Spokane especially needs more visibility for the responsible LGBT people.

To celebrate as a community within a community.

Because it’s another opportunity to show Spokane that we’re just ordinary people and shouldn’t be treated any differently. I think that this event is a good way to get the community together.

Every year it is more inclusive.

You get to see people you might not see all year.

There is a movement under way–the tipping point is coming.

Share the strength.

Because it is a wonderful community event for families.

We ARE here; get used to it!!

It’s the one place that I feel accepted!

It is important for several reasons: 1) For those that are LGBT to show pride in who they are, 2) to promote equality for all, 3) to show the community that there is support and others out there that are just like them.

Spokane cannot ignore the gay community if the Gay community won’t be ignored.

Public awareness.

Queer visibility and celebration of our identity is absolutely crucial to our collective survival and progress.

I believe like Harvey did that the key to acceptance is visibility.

As a Lesbian from a small town, it is very important for me to see a Pride Celebration happen every year. We are here, queer, and proud as they say. Hopefully with more Pride Celebrations, the hatred and ignorance about homosexuals can eventually be obliterated.

Awareness, Visibility, Presence all important factors.

To celebrate my life and to pass down our history to the youngsters who will pass down our lives to the next generation, keeping our history alive and living.

Meeting other members of the community.

Brings the community together.

Easier to be heard when you are seen.

Pride is extremely important because it’s one of the FEW days when my homosexual friends feel safe walking the streets holding hands with their partner/lover(s). And it makes me want to cry that they only get that comfort one day a year.

Because with out it we all would never feel safe and would not come all together like we do with our pride celebrations.