Parade Register

All people & groups participating in the Pride Parade need to thoroughly understand and agree to the following rules and information.

Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2019 Lineup Commences: 10:30am
Theme: To Thrive Not Just Survive!
Use this theme to guide your Pride Parade expression in float design, signs and parade dress! Let’s have lots of color and fabulousness! Be OUT and PROUD!
Check-in: Please check-in no later than 11:00am in case lineup changes have been made. Check in at the corner of Stevens and Spokane Falls Blvd.
Where Motorized: Enter North Stevens from the North and enter West Spokane Falls Blvd from the East (follow normal flow of traffic). Where Non-Motorized: West Spokane Falls Blvd, West of North Stevens. (Between North Stevens and Howard).
Step Off Begins: 12 Noon, sharp  Miscellaneous: Please help support Spokane’s Pride Parade by including it in your advertising and by hanging up signs like: “See us in the 2019 Spokane Pride Parade – Saturday, June 8th @ 12:00 Noon”.
Participation & Fees: To participate, a parade application will need to be submitted by 12 midnight on Sunday, May 26th, 2019. The parade is FREE to register for, however you are encouraged to make a donation. Donation: Your group or organization can make a $25 or more donation to help defray the cost of producing this event and you are encouraged to do so. Make sure to indicate the amount of your donation on your electronic application.
Vehicle Participation: Any person operating a vehicle in the Parade; whether powered, self powered, or non-powered does so at his or her own risk, bearing all liability for any and all damages or loss of personal property and/or any personal injuries sustained to themselves or other person(s). Vehicle operator hereby waives any and all claims and or defenses it may have against OutSpokane of whatever kind or nature as a result of the his or her independent use of such vehicle. Further it shall be required of the person operating such vehicle to maintain, and hereby acknowledge adequate and sufficient insurance coverage to indemnify them self and OutSpokane from any and all damages and or loss to property in addition to any and all personal injuries, of whatever kind or severity, to the vehicle operator or any other person who is injured as a result of the use of such vehicle. The vehicle driver must present a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance at parade check-in if asked. Any vehicle without this proof will be denied entry into the parade. Float Parking: If you need to park your float before or after the parade, we will have a limited amount of curbside parking available at $18.00 per parking space. Most vehicles with floats will normally cover 2 parking spaces or $36.00. Payment for parking will need to be paid by May 26th, 2019. If your payment is not received by the due date, you will not be allowed to park on Saturday, June 8th. If there is a problem with meeting this deadline, please contact us at Only checks, money orders or credit card will be accepted. Do not send or supply cash. Make checks or money orders out to OutSpokane and mail to: P.O. Box 883, Spokane, WA 99201-0883. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all checks that are returned to OutSpokane for any reason.

General Rules & Information:

1. We respect the right for individuals and groups to express themselves as they choose, but need to be respectful of all others participating and attending the Pride Parade. Please make sure all genitalia is covered before, during, and after the parade. 2. The applicant will not present images or messages that promote or condone, or may promote or may condone, violence, hatred, degradation, or negative stereotypes of any person(s) or group(s). Further, the applicant will respect the right of all members and supporters of the LGBT communities to participate in the Spokane Pride Parade.
3. The applicant agrees to operate in a manner consistent with the celebration of Pride and positive value of diversity in Spokane’s LGBT community. This includes adopting policies upholding equal opportunity and non-discrimination by which discrimination on the grounds of Race, Color, Creed, National Origin, Religious or Political Affiliation, Sex, Age, Personal or Family Relationships, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Income Restrictions, Union Affiliation, and Sexual or Gender Orientation is prohibited by and within the organization/business or individual. 4. The applicant is fully responsible for any damage to persons or property, as well as any claims, causes, payments or compensation, or settlements arising there from, resulting from any activity, omission, violations or any other kind of illegal or wrongful act or activity which the applicant engages in while participating in the Spokane Pride Parade. The applicant specifically agrees that OutSpokane assumes no responsibility for damages to persons or property however caused, as a result of or pertaining to the participation and/or activities of any applicant in the Spokane Pride Parade. The applicant agrees that the terms in section 5, below, apply without qualification to all losses and injuries anticipated and generally described by this section.
5. The applicant, in consideration of the acceptance of this application and permission to participate as a parade entrant in the Spokane Pride Parade, releases OutSpokane and all other sanctioning bodies, sponsoring companies, and their respective agents, officials, contractors, representatives, elected and appointed officials, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action, arising from participation in the Spokane Pride Parade. Whether such action arises from action as an exhibitor, spectator, participant, competitor or otherwise, whether prior to, during or subsequent to the event, regardless of whether or not the same may have been contributed to, or occasioned by the negligence of any of the aforementioned organizations, the applicant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify OutSpokane and all other organizations listed against any and all liability incurred as a result of or in any way connected with participation in the Spokane Pride Parade. The applicant also agrees to hold OutSpokane and all other aforementioned organizations harmless in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to property or persons arising from participation in the Spokane Pride Parade. This shall be binding on the applicant, its heirs, successors and assigns. 6. No alcoholic beverages or drug use will be permitted. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit illegal drugs during lineup or the actual parade is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event.

Throwing of objects of any kind is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

It shall be the duty of the parade sponsor and every group leader to familiarize all participants, either orally or by written notice, of the terms, conditions, information and guidelines of parade participation prior to the commencement of the parade.

By continuing to the Pride Parade registration page I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE TO all the terms and conditions of this application. I also ACKNOWLEDGE that by submitting an application, I relieve the OutSpokane Committee, Board of Directors, the City of Spokane or any person volunteering with the parade and all sponsoring agencies of any kind all liability from personal injury or property damage. Each group agrees to accept and abide by these terms and conditions with this submission. It is understood that any failure to meet or adhere to the above requirements may result in my group being unable to participate in the parade.