Festival Register

Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2019 Where:  Riverfront Park Lilac Meadows, Spokane
Setup Time: 9:00am – 10:30am

Check-in Location: Check-in at the OutSpokane booth to the right hand side of the stage if you have any questions

Theme: To Thrive Not Just Survive!
Use this theme to guide your Pride Parade expression and when decorating your booth! Let’s have lots of color and fabulousness! Be OUT and PROUD!
Rainbow Festival Registration Fees:
Eligible Sponsors: $0

Nonprofit: $50
Commercial: $200
Political: $150

Extra fee for corner booth – if still available – add: $50
Last date to apply to participate in the Rainbow Festival is 12:00pm,  June 3rd, 2019. There is no discount for purchase of multiple booths. There is a limit of 3 booths, unless negotiated in advance.

Payment Due Dates: By registering on-line, you are reserving a spot for your organization at the Rainbow Festival. To make sure your reservation is held, your payment must be received by OutSpokane by June 3rd, 2019. If your payment is not received by the due date, you will not be allowed to set up on Saturday. If there is a problem with meeting this deadline, please contact us at info@outspokane.org.
Hours of Operation: Please do not leave or tear down your booths until 6:00pm. Booth Placement: You will be notified the week of June 3rd where your booth will be and furnished with a map of the area as well.

General Rules & Information:

Booth Participation: OutSpokane reserves the right to review and/or refuse any request for a booth space at the Rainbow Festival. Booths: Each booth space is approximately 10ft x 10ft. See above for booth fees. OutSpokane does NOT supply canopies.
Best Practices: OutSpokane will bring the community to the Rainbow Festival but it is up to you to encourage the community to visit your booth. We suggest advertising and letting the community know that your booth will be set up during the Rainbow Festival. Provide some kind of activity to create a draw to your booth. Do a give away or raffle, be colorful, and smile. Tables & Chairs: Each booth will come with (1) 8ft x 2ft table and (2) chairs. Your table and chairs should already be in your booth space when you arrive. Additional tables and chairs are not available beyond what is provided with the booth. You are welcome to provide your own additional tables and chairs. Please provide your own table cover, paper weights and information stands to display your literature or goods.
Canopies: We do not rent nor have available Tents/Canopies so please bring one. If you don’t own one and want to rent one please use our preferred provider Event Rents. Mention OutSpokane or the INBA to get a 10% discount on the rental fee. Canopies are also available for purchase from most local department stores, warehouse stores, or home improvement stores. General Info: Participants in general are not allowed to sell or give away food (little treats or candies are ok) or water, there are vendors specifically approved for food and water sales. Selling Raffle tickets is considered gambling which is not allowed in Riverfront Park. Raffle tickets or other items can be solicited for donation only. Please let us know if you’d like your raffle winners announced from the stage.
Vehicles: We are still working with Riverfront Park to address bringing vehicles into the park for setup. As we get additional information we will post it here. We will also let you know when we notify you about your booth location. Parade: The parade kicks off at 12:00 noon. Participants must be sure all materials are secured on your table with weights if the wind kicks up. Make plans for someone to watch your table if you have merchandise and are participating in the parade. OutSpokane is not responsible for any stolen or missing merchandise or information left unattended.
Commercial Vendors: Commercial vendors that are selling anything the day of the Rainbow Festival must have a business license from the City of Spokane. If you are not selling anything the day of the Rainbow Festival you are not required to have a business license. Nonprofits: Distribution of informational material must be the main focus of your space. You may not sell items, but you may have items available in exchange for a donation. These items cannot be the major focus of your space. Raffle tickets can only be offered for a donation. If you would like to sell items for your organization, please get a business license and register as a commercial business.
Weather: OutSpokane has no control over the weather and does NOT supply canopies so remember to bring some kind of protection for your bodies and tables. Come rain, wind, or shine, Pride will go on (except officials can overrule fireworks if the weather is bad).

Food: You may want to consider bringing a meal or snack for yourself as well as something to drink. Durinf park construction regular concessions are likely not available. There will be food vendors and, of course, Riverpark Square is near the park.

Questions or Special Needs: If you have other questions, special needs, or special requirements, please contact us at info@outspokane.org or note it on the registration page.

By continuing to the Rainbow Festival registration page I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE TO all the terms and conditions of this application. I also ACKNOWLEDGE that by submitting an application, I relieve the OutSpokane Committee, Board of Directors, the City of Spokane or any person volunteering with the festival and all sponsoring agencies of any kind all liability from personal injury or property damage. Each group agrees to accept and abide by these terms and conditions with this submission. It is understood that any failure to meet or adhere to the above requirements may result in my group being unable to participate in the festival.

I agree to the terms and conditions and would like to register.